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SMS Fraud Detection

This customizable solution helps MNOs get visibility into how International A2P services currently communicate with their mobile customers. It defines and reports which routes are used for A2P SMS traffic termination and detects any kind of fraud, bypass, and manipulations with SMS traffic.

The testing tool ensures online fraud alerts.

TelcoGuard equips you with a powerful tool to tackle industry challenges effectively

    Industry challenges

  • International A2P SMS revenue leakage
  • Lost A2P SMS termination revenue due to grey-routes
  • Fraud cases increase due to vulnerabilities in traffic flow

    Tool provided by TelcoGuard

  • 24/7/365 Online monitoring of A2P SMS termination traffic
  • Triggering and reporting on each single fraudulent behavior
  • Providing daily/monthly reports to MNO's to take proper decisions
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    Visibility into Communication Channels: A2P SMS Testing provides MNOs with a comprehensive view of how International A2P services are interacting with their mobile customers. This visibility is crucial for understanding traffic patterns and optimizing network performance.

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    TelcoGuard’s testing approach effectively counters various known fraud types.

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    Real-time Fraud Alerts: One of the standout features of this solution is the provision of real-time fraud alerts. MNOs are instantly notified of any suspicious activities, enabling rapid responses to mitigate risks and protect network resources.

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    Instant Access to Reports: A2P SMS Testing offers easy and immediate access to detailed reports. This means that MNOs can quickly review and analyze data, facilitating swift decision-making and timely actions to address any issues.

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    Customizable Solution: Highlight the flexibility of the solution, as it can be tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each MNO. Customization ensures that the tool aligns with the specific goals and infrastructure of the operator.

In summary, A2P SMS Testing is a versatile and essential tool for MNOs. It enables them to proactively manage A2P SMS traffic, detect fraud and manipulation, and ensure the integrity of their networks. This solution empowers MNOs with real-time insights and customizable features, ultimately enhancing network security and preserving revenue streams and instant access to the reports.

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